Something to Keep You Happy Book with Pencils - Christmas

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Christmas, after you've opened all your presents and played with them, can be a little bit boring can't it?

Lots of grown-ups talking and talking about stuff that just istn't very interesting.

It's even worse when they haven't seen each other for ages (which is often what happends at Christmas).

And let's not forget the 'quiet' time they always seem to want after lunch, falling asleep in front of the telly.

So this book of fun should hopefully keep you happy when your expected to stay at the dinner table at Christmas.  In fact, there are so many activities in here, you should have enough to keep you happy at the dinner table on Boxing Day!

If you're so young that you think that this book looks interesting enough to eat, then a grown-up should probably take it away from you.  

If you're too young to read, then just have fun colouring in and drawing to your heart's content.