Tooth Fairy Letters


Looking for a new family tradition to start with the kids? Writing to the Tooth Fairy each time a tooth is lost, is a lovely tradition to do with your children.  As they lose their baby teeth, they can write a letter to the tooth fairy and receive one back in return!  Imagine their delight and surprise at receiving a letter back from the tooth fairy - it really is all sorts of magical! Use this gorgeous journal to write these special tooth fairy letters, keeping them together to look over and cherish in all the years to come.

  • Beautiful linen hard cover, case bound with an embossed title and spine
  • Gold Embossed title and spine
  • Flat lay binding
  • 96 pages
  • Space for 45 letters
  • 120gsm paper stock internal pages (FSC)
  • Ribbon Marker
  • We recommend writing with a biro pen
  • We recommend photos dots, double sided tape or acid free washi tape for sticking photos
  • Designed in Melbourne, Australia


Size: 150mm x 150mm