Baby Keepsake - Letters to You Book


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A variation of the traditional baby record book, Letters to You will be a treasured keepsake journal in the years to come. 

Dreams, wishes, and cherished memories of your child belong in a special place. Capture them all here in this cloth-bound keepsake book, filled with 18 years’ worth of prompts and questions, about their childhood.  Each year on their birthday or other special day, spend 15 minutes writing a letter to them. Tell them about your hopes and dreams, milestones achieved, new adventures undertaken. On their 18th birthday, pass the collection of letters on and give them their life story so far!

A special journal making for a beautifully personal and heartfelt gift.

  • Cloth-bound hardcover with belly band
  • 9"H x 9"W
  • 80 pages