Superhero - Notebook


Has your child got a fantastic imagination? 

Are they always looking for some creative outlet?  Do they like the Avengers or The Justice League? Dead Pool?  Well look no further.  As long as they don't like The Green Latern or Aqua Man, because if they do they are already beyond help.

Plans don't get much bigger or more impractical than this!

You don't wake up one day and suddenly realise red and blue is a great combo, it takes a bit of planning.  They don't put that in the movies, because it doesn't convert well to film, but you don't need spidey sense to know there's going to be have been a lot of thrown out ideas before you get it just right.

For anyone aspiring to the heady heights of superhero-ism (is that even a word? probably not), this has got to be the notebook for your feverishly busy scheme to get you there.

Great little gift with a big message - the role is out there for the taking, it just needs a little planning!

Alternatively, a great notebook to write down all your ideas for creating your own unique superhero!

You can even add a set of matching pencils to this notebook.

Size: 15 x 15cm

Binding: Spiral Bound

Pages: 60

Paper: Sketch Pad Paper