Pet Journal - Tails, A Pets Story

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This year our dog of 12 years died. Losing him was awful. We lost a big part of our family.

There was so much sadness and we were all heartbroken we could not save her. The first thing I wanted to do was gather all the photos we had of her.

They were everywhere and as I scrawled through a combination of shoeboxes, my phone, the computer I realised that I had never bothered to keep them in order.

So TAILS is for our Bob and for all your pets. A place to write their tales, keep their photos and look back on with fond memories, now or long after they are gone.


  • Beautiful linen hard cover, case bound with a gold embossed title and spine
  • 120gsm paper stock internal pages (FSC)
  • 96 pages
  • 230 x 190 x 13mm
  • We recommend photos dots, double sided tape or acid free washi tape for sticking photos