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Write a Letter Set for Children

Write a Letter Set for Children



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Everything you could possibly need to teach children how to write a letters, how to address and post them and hopefully open their eyes to a world of limitless possibilities.

This truly lovely pack that is imaginatively entitled "Write a Letter" doesn't mention those necessary (but slightly dull) thank you letters that all children should probably be writing (and if you still insist on your children writing them, well done!). 

What this pack does is to encourage the great, time honoured tradition of actually putting pen to paper to write a letter (and then to wait for a reply - patience being a virtue!).

There are instructions on how to layout like a pro which includes suggestions on who they could write to (you'd be surprised). As with every thing that we write for children, it doesn't talk down to them - if you can imagine a middle aged woman doing a weird face and saying stuff that is silly whilst simultaneously making sense, then you'll get the gist.

Get your kids to take up letter writing before the art is entirely lost and tech savvy grandma's text of love is lost forever. Tech savvy grandma is probably waterskiing in the Bahamas, but she'd write back to a handwritten letter from her grandchild. Especially if it was just for giggles - silly grandma.

made from:

Tin containing high gsm (thick) letterhead paper, envelopes plus an 8 page booklet on letter writing.


22cm x D 16cmm x H 2.5cm