Life Notes - Write a Letter to Your Grandchild


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Share your thoughts, dreams and wishes with a letter to your grandchild and deepen the bond between you.  Inside this box are 20 themed notes for you to write a letter to your grandchild. Each one completed with your reflections on moments in lift such as falling in love, friendship, family, courage and change.  When completed, you’ll create a treasure trove of letters to your grandchild filled with wisdom, life experiences and love.

Use the elegant keepsake box to share each letter to your grandchild all at once to celebrate a milestone birthday, graduation, or first day of university.  Or use the foil-stamped envelopes to share just the letter to your grandchild at just the right moment in life — like a note on love for a wedding day or one on family before the birth of their own child.

  • Each letter to your grandchild offers a thoughtful way to pass down memories and meaning to the next generation
  • Includes a keepsake box with foil stamping to hold the collection of letters to your grandchild
  • A wonderful gift for an excited new grandparent
  • A companion parents edition is also available
  • Format: Slipcase Box
  • Box Size: 3.25″W x 6.25″H x 2.7″D
  • Card Count: 20 letters